Hunger Games

The sales reps in the advertising agency I worked for when The Hunger Games came out, approached me Monday morning after opening weekend. The movie did so well, they wanted to send the studio (Lions Gate Entertainment) a cake. What pray tell did they want, but the roasted pig from the scene where Katniss shoots the apple out of it’s mouth. Knowing I made “interesting” cakes they asked my advice. I told them it would take a few days to make it and it would cost well over $1,000. The guy said, “Thanks, we will try to find a bakery to get it finished by tomorrow morning.” When he showed up at my desk an hour later, I was not surprised. He told me that he had called around and there were no bakeries that could have it finished before Friday and it would cost over $1500. I told him that if they sent me home right then and kept me on the clock, I would deliver the roasted pig cake to them in the morning. (He had to check with management.) Of course, they approved. I got home at 1 p.m. and brought this in by 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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