2015 Halloween Cake @ WHITE TRASH FAST FOOD

So… it’s taken me awhile to update my cake photos, but I seem to always be so busy. Here is my 3rd Annual Halloween Cake for White Trash Fast Food. Right after I brought the cake out (image of me with sparkler), I walked away to get my camera and put my make-up on, and a delightful guest decided to grab his right nostril and pull his face off…. Luckily, my friends took these photos. It took me 4 days of practically no sleep to make this dragon..

Mötorhead 40th Anniversary Cake

Here’s the cake I made for Mötorhead’s 40th Anniversary Party at White Trash Fast Food, November 2015. It was a really cool night! The figures were sculpted out of Fondant & the Top Piece was created using a substitute of rice crispy treats with crushed cheerios instead of rice crispies, because they are very difficult to find in Berlin. All the chains and teeth are also sculpted with fondant and painted with edible silver color.

Ballerina Cake

My friend at work asked me to make a ballerina cake for her mom’s birthday. She sent a sample of a ballerina cake she found, but told me I could make it however I wanted. I felt that it needed more ruffles…and slippers. Her mom loved it! (:

Hunger Games

The sales reps in the advertising agency I worked for when The Hunger Games came out, approached me Monday morning after opening weekend. The movie did so well, they wanted to send the studio (Lions Gate Entertainment) a cake. What pray tell did they want, but the roasted pig from the scene where Katniss shoots the apple out of it’s mouth. Knowing I made “interesting” cakes they asked my advice. I told them it would take a few days to make it and it would cost well over $1,000. The guy said, “Thanks, we will try to find a bakery to get it finished by tomorrow morning.” When he showed up at my desk an hour later, I was not surprised. He told me that he had called around and there were no bakeries that could have it finished before Friday and it would cost over $1500. I told him that if they sent me home right then and kept me on the clock, I would deliver the roasted pig cake to them in the morning. (He had to check with management.) Of course, they approved. I got home at 1 p.m. and brought this in by 9 a.m. Tuesday.

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