Let Them Eat… Why, Cake… Of Course!

But not just any old cake will do, now will it?!

I began making cakes when my oldest son, now 26, was small. My mother always baked, and while her baking was delicious, the cakes were often lopsided and just downright unattractive. I decided I wanted to make my boys cakes that they would remember forever, so I set out on a cake making path.

Years later, I have gotten the cake thing down (after some pretty, umm… not so great starts and lots of practice). I prefer to make only sculpted, 3-dimensional cakes. The regular, tiered cakes are pretty, but there are so many people who make them and, quite honestly, they just annoy me. My kids are my biggest fans and it is greatly because of them that I am putting my cakes out there… into cyberspace.

Take a look at my creations, which are not only very cool, but taste amazing! I bake them all from scratch with a handful of delicious recipes; chocolate, butter cake, lemon butter cake (I don’t offer so many types, because I have to be able to carve them into many amazing shapes. I make a delightful butter cream frosting which is part meringue, part sugar and part butter… and completely scrumptious! My cakes are carved, then frosted and then covered in fondant, which I like to call my canvas. I then mold, carve and paint them, turning them into the creations you see on these pages. I make a mean carrot cake as well, but reserve that recipe for cakes that do not require so much carving.

This blog is to offer some helpful hints to all of you out there who are wanting to be more creative in the kitchen as well as a creative outlet for myself. If you are interested in purchasing one of my delectable creations, feel free to contact me.

Peace and Love… and lots of cake to all!


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